The Best of Both Worlds

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

I have these two boys. Two very different boys. One loves animals (okay, okay is obsessed with animals) and the other loves superheroes and really wishes he was Captain America. Thanks to their cousin William who introduced us to Disney's PJ Masks. Three children become superheroes at night, but here is the catch the superheroes are a gecko, owl, and catboy. Basically, the show is the best of both worlds and the boys are officially obsessed.

I ran into a friend who is about to have her second child (another boy). Her older son will be two in May and the new baby is also due in May. I was so excited for her when I heard this because it is the exact situation that I found myself in almost 5 years ago. It took me back to that moment when we brought Duncan home. I had already experienced two years of Wip. Learning that he is sweet, particular, and loved animals. I had no idea what to think when it came to Duncan's personality and how I would one day describe him.

Now that Duncan is almost 5 and Wip is almost 7 (whaaaat?) I really have to pinch myself because I have two sons with the most different personalities which have truly given me the best of both worlds as a parent. Wip has remained sweet, particular, and continues to have a love for animals. Duncan is hilarious, easygoing, and loves his brother more than anything.

Waiting for the Red Wolf at the Brevard Zoo

Wip leading Duncan through the ballpark

He is particular about brushing his teeth with the tooth timer

Such a helper, one night he asked if he could make dinner

He did and it was great!

Loves Star Wars

His love of animals is still going strong

Happy place

I discovered this the other day...made me smile

I love getting text like this when I am at work

He has become so brave for his allergy shots

My happy boy

He is pretty goofy too

He loves to swing 

"My foot just got pizzad" - Duncan

"Mr. Jackson is their favorite doctor just like Ms. Sandy is our favorite hair cutter" -Duncan

He loves to relax

"These trains make a great snipping noise" (he means snap) - Duncan

March...You Really Outdid Yourself

Thursday, March 31, 2016

From start to finish...March was a month of nonstop memories.

I went on a girls trip to Mexico with some of my best friends from high school. It was the #39andholding trip and it was awesome. I realized that if you are almost 40 then there is a good chance that you have coralish toe nail polish on your toes (hello, OPI Cajun Shrimp:) and you may or may not say things like "that would make a good poundsign" (you mean hashtag?).

This group of almost 40 year olds knows how to have a dance party (and get a noise compliant), steal golf carts when there was nobody to take us to the restaurant, and truly never stop talking/laughing the entire time. It was an unforgettable trip and I am so lucky to have these women in my life.

The place was so new that they were still putting a chandelier in the lobby

dont drink the water...ooops!


Found these crazies doing water arobics

Pretty much rained the entire time

Ann slipped in the pouring rain and the medic came to our table and started rubbing bengay on her knee

The trip was so fun, but I was ready get home to these monkeys...

Baseball is in full swing at the Mulloy house. The Cardinals are having an awesome season and we also were able to get out to a spring training game between the Astros and Braves. It was so much fun and a must do if you live in Flordia!

D was DONE

I feel very lucky to work at a place that gives us Spring Break off. This year everyone was on the same Spring Break (unusual in Flordia as they usually break it up so that the crowds won't be so crazy at the parks and beaches).

Our break started with a visit from the Parsons. I was so proud of my pregnant sister who just rolled with everything and did not miss a beat. Church, art festival, zoo, pool time, we sure did pack a lot into a short time. It was so nice to get the cousins together. It was like they did not miss a beat. BFF's.
East End Market after church

Off to the Art Festival

The boys ask me daily to look at this cracks them up


Just some cousins climbing a tree

Movie Night

My little man

Brevard Zoo fun

We got to attend the first (but certainly not last) trunk show for Well & Wonder Collective.

Easter was spent in Sea Island. My happy place. The boys enjoyed one of the best easter egg hunts ever in addition to playing with William and obsessing over baby Francie.
Say cheese!

Francie working on her fitness

D entertaining


Smurf juice!

She was pretty into it

Just a Mimi and her Wip



Hoppy Easter! (smile bunny)

Granddaddy creating his bitmoji

Pool time

Weird dolphin addition in the game room 

They played Foosball for over an hour

I told Wip that these were his animals when he was a baby and I used to hang them above him when he would sleep to which he said "yeah, I remember that"

These boys are ready to hunt!

Photo booth silliness

Francie being spoiled by Wip  sorry about your toe Uncle Scotty

sister and brother

my boys

D was reunited with doggie...thank goodness

This was an easter egg hunt was insane and sure did make this kid happy

Somebunny sure does love this handsome boy

Easter Brunch

Epic fail at trying to get all of the cousins pic

One of the best parts of the month was learning that our dear friends had a baby boy!  A precious baby boy that is perfect in every way and I can't wait to meet him.

It was a little nuts, a little hectic, and a little busy, but March, you really outdid yourself for being one hell of a month that I will not soon forget.