Father and Son Camp

Sunday, June 28, 2015

So I did it again...that looooooooong pause with blogging. But there are a few things that I need to get out. First on the agenda is the awesome weekend that Patrick and Wip had at Falling Creek a few weeks ago. Just to put a little oomph to the awesomeness of the weekend, Wip has talked about this trip daily. It was a moment, a memory, a great time, and I know he will never forget.

So a little background. Patrick went to Falling Creek as a little boy and LOVED it. I was not sure when they hit the road if Wip or Patrick was more excited. Fast forward to campfires, crafts, games, and most importantly new friends and the weekend was nothing less than spectacular.

My favorite story from the weekend was not a story about Wip, but his new buddy Benjamin. As most of you know I have a pretty animal obsessed little boy. At one point Wip walked up to a group of 8 to 10 year olds and asked if they wanted to play "warewolf". They pretty much blew him off. Later that day during lunch Wip and Benjamin walked by the same group of boys. The boys started mocking Wip and making fun of him. Benjamin walked up to the boys and said "I am a warewolf too". Thank you Benjamin. After hearing the story I wanted to call up Benjamin's parents and just let them know what a kind boy they are raising.

While the weekend was pure marketing genius, I have a feeling my boys are going to make many more memories at Falling Creek. Wip told me that I could go to a mother/daughter camp and I told him I would need a daughter to do that...he responded "you have a daughter, her name is Delia!". That kid. I think I will keep him:)


Saturday, June 13, 2015

We went home last week. Home. A place where I can sit on a friend's patio and talk for hours, snuggle with my niece, pick strawberries with my nephews, visit with dear friends, celebrate a pretty special 3 and 6 year olds birthdays, walk into Kroger and actually know people, and just simply feel at home. 

Sure it was a whirlwind. Sure it did not seem long enough. But I needed it. 

This was after 10 hours in the car...the boys were rock stars for the entire trip. Rockstars. 

Sleeping Angels

Got to visit with this dear friend. I love her. 

The boys were such troopers..just going from place to place to place. 

Cousins playing with legos


His morning face gets me every time

Talking on his "talking phone" (not his game phone or his movie phone)...so many phones!

Picking strawberries with Grams

Dreams do come true

Duncan teaching me how to snip (he means snap)

Exploring the zoo with good friends

William is 3 (and sleepy)!

Sweet little Francie what do you see?

Hey there 3-year-old!

Celebrating William!

Who wants cake?

Reunited with Dreeeeeeew!

These boys love each other

For real

Even though this girl is moving to Seattle...they will always be this close

And this goofy

Sleepy boys

Three amigos 

Until next time!

Monster and Superhero Birthday Bash

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Wip and Duncan decided on a Monster and Superhero theme for the dual birthday bash this year. We decided to do it at a local park {with a great playground}. I attempted {and failed} to have a little obstacle course for a little activity and it turned into complete chaos. We had snacks, booze {for the adults}, cupcakes, and sunshine...you don't really need anything else! Here is the play by play...
Wip waiting patiently for his friends to arrive

Snacks and Sweets

I found these perfect monster/superhero blocks for party favors from caravan shoppe

The children were supposed to put the glove on and swat at the bubbles {but they ended up popping the inflatable}

This was supposed to be putting the monster in the basket, but the monsters kept disappearing:)

My little monster

My other little monster {the ring pop was the "award" for finishing the disastrous obstacle course:)}

Wip and Jackson

sugar rush

I caught one of Duncan's best buds playing with his party favor {does he not have the sweetest face?}

Friends till the end

We loved having Mimi and Granddaddy in for the party {and the adult dinner!}
 Speaking of birthdays...May is a crazy month for the b word. Wip could not wait to turn 6. On the morning of his birthday I believe he woke us up at 5am...it was like Christmas mode for him. Here is a little bit more about the actual birthday.

Wip started his morning with a birthday doughnut

His buddy Gillian has the SAME birthday...so they are appropriately known as birthday buddys
Do they make them any cuter that Cade? Precious, precious child.

Cutest picture ever...I love how Jackson has the shoulder raise down pat!
We all sang Wip happy birthday and he requested to throw in a "cha cha cha" in between the versus
Duncan was a little different...we had to wake him up and as you can see he was a grump. Once he got that doughnut in his belly, he turned that frown upside down. 

Wip gave him a book of Superheroes...I think he was more excited to give than Duncan was to receive!

Walking into school the morning of his birthday {in his pjs...because it is D's world} he said to me "mommy, remember that time you wanted me to be three forever?...well sorry, I am four now". Cue the tears. 

Duncan wore his birthday crown the next day too...because it is actually your birthday week, right?

His buddy Bass had a birthday party the day after his birthday so let the good times roll!

Owen, Bass, and Duncan...buds

This is D's buddy Parker...she is so cute {I think D was being shy!}...and yes everyone in Duncan's class had blonde hair

Little cupcake for the birthday boy

Making a wish as his little brother looks on

sugar coma

Beautiful day for fun with friends

After all of the birthday celebrations, gifts, and sugar we did a little yoga.