If I Could Turn Back Time

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Aunt Fe Fe sent me a text with this photo attached. Tears just started streaming down my face. How did this happen? Everyone says "time will fly", and gosh darn they were right!

Seeing this picture makes me want to capture every little moment of their lives. I have blinked and Wip will be 5 next month. Here is a little sneak peak of some of our "moments" from last week:

Friends till the end..Happy Birthday Caroline!

Face paint coma at the Temple Spring Event

Finished product

Grams and Poppy came in for a lunch date

My children could spend hours in this one spot (the toy store)

Need entertainment?  Watch these two play "groundhog". Priceless.

Duncan's masterpiece 

I am hoping that the dog puppet on D's hand is kissing that little boy (ha!)

Duncan sleeping through a playdate

Wip's version of the Frozen characters 

Wip's version of the Frozen characters (part 2)
Duncan got the Shabbat bag last week. Click here to see the boys saying the prayer before eating the challah bread.

Rough Start

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Our Spring Break had a rough start. Sweet William did not make it on the plane thanks to the stomach bug (which promptly had the domino effect in the entire household). Wip was not himself and for the first few days at the beach. He was lethargic and VERY snuggly. On Monday night he said "my mouth feels so pokey". We pumped him with some meds and put him to bed. An hour into his night time he was not able to swallow making it very difficult to sleep, breath, or be comfortable. After a call to the pediatrician we headed to the ER. The nurse took a culture thinking it might be strep. ER waiting room for five HOURS, it was confirmed and we were able to start antibiotics. The next day Duncan was at the immediate care center with another confirmed case. We simply could not catch a break!

The boys always feel like they are playing with brand new toys...cracks me up.

Doing a little art while Wip naps

The trip fairy brought some ninja turtle t-shirts that they did not want to take off 

Passed the church we got married in on a run one morning...how cute?

Duncan just looks SO big to me in this picture...little boy, no longer a baby. Tear.

Poor Wip

Duncan cheering on the Cats victory over Michigan. Check out the video here.

Upside down sunglasses are in

My sweet boy.

Afternoon date to the movies

Duncan being a goofball at the Immediate Care Center

Who says you can't wear your sunglasses in the dark? 

This pushed back our trip to check out our new city, but we made it work. Lunches, school tours, house hunting, coffee dates. We packed a ton into two and a half days. The verdict...I think we are going to have a blast in our new town...watch out Winter Park, the Mulloys will be there this summer!
Granddaddy took the boys to Sea World for the afternoon

Just hangin' with a Croc

Relaxing and eating a fudge pop

Yes, this was a disaster...

Playground! Wip said "look at the castle behind me!"...it is a house

Evidence of the fudge pop on his shorts

Wip made a friend

More treats

We were told that this is a place we needed to visit...so we did:)

Should have gotten lemon flavor:)

We met a wonderful family and went over to their house...D passed out, but click here to see what happened when he woke up

We ended our visit with a special guest...sweet Haddie Bug (and her family, of course:)!!!

Love this crew

Taking in the wind on the drive back to Sea Island

We ended our trip with snuggles from Granddaddy

Click here and here for some car entertainment. 

*sorry for the back and forth, went back to Vimeo:)


Saturday, March 29, 2014

Getting in his last drawing before bath time
Wip loves to draw. Animals and monsters are the favorites. He brings home probably a tree worth of drawings each week from school. I stumbled upon a website that was made for my little artist. Art for Kids! is amazing. It gives you step by step instructions on how to draw different things. When I signed up for the email announcements they sent me a free download book about how to draw monsters. If you have a little Picasso in your home, I would highly recommend checking it out!

His Boys

Thursday, March 27, 2014

There are two things that Duncan truly loves, t-shirts that are too big for him and his boys. Duncan will come home from school and talk about four people. Judah, Cash, Drew, and Lukey (?). 
  While he cracks me up with his independent play (click here to see what I mean), he really does love being with his friends (and brother:).

Judah, Cash, Drew, D

Independent play

Determined to watch the movie while keeping the mask on

Big T-Shirt

Independent Art

Another T-Shirt that is too big

Enjoying a snack

His boys

So happy 

Love this boy