Days With D

Friday, August 22, 2014

What do you get when you have a child that started kindergarten, a husband out of town, and a three year old that does not start until the next week?  A LOT OF DUNCAN TIME. Trust me, I am not complaining. Duncan is one of those predictable/unpredictable kind of kids. You know that he will be fine once he gets a "chocolate milk/regular milk", you know that he will get frustrated and want to pick out his own outfit {thankfully, he can easily be talked into wearing what I want him to wear}, but what you don't know is will he be a cooperative child or a crazy is truly a mystery.

This kid is thirsty. Always.

He has the most amazing bed head.

Ice cream for lunch.

Reading books is exhausting.

D-"I have to close my eyes, now I open my eyes, now I close my eyes". This went on for 15 min on the way home from dropping off Wip. Everytime the sun would hit his eyes he would mention it. Thankfully, it is a pretty quick car ride:)

Lunch date at Johnny Rockets. I imagined I was having an In and Out burger (it was tasty). After Duncan finished eating he said "that was a delicious lunch". 

Me-"What are you doing?" Duncan-"just thinking about Wip". Brotherly love.
I know, I know. It is terrible. Ice cream for lunch and then doughnuts. I don't know if it is mom guilt or just really living in the moment, but this kid has my heart and I love making him happy.

Oh yeah...sugar crash.
For the most part we have had a blast. We met his teachers Ms. Peggie and Ms. Natalie {we hit the lottery because they are amazing}, we got invited over for a "flash" playdate {Duncan has decided that he does not like girls that he does not know, so it was a little awkward}, we went to the mall, we watched movies, we had ice cream for lunch, we had doughnuts for lunch {after the teacher visit we learned that she has a juice free zone and only allows fruits and vegetables for snacks..yikes}, and we tested out how long it takes if we try to hit up Ikea before we need to be in the carpool line to pick up Wip {we were successful}. It is crazy to me that I will be starting a new job on Tuesday and my time with this little man will be limited. Just makes it even more special the time that I do have because he is one of a kind!


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Back to school pictures have flooded social media and every time I see the quote "how is it possible, that I have a fill in the blank starting fill in the blank", I roll my eyes. As Wip was getting ready for his first day of kindergarten at Park Maitland School, I just kept asking myself "how is it possible that I have a 5 year old starting kindergarten?!!!". Not only is it possible, it has happened. The night before his first day he was so nervous. He kept asking to draw "just one more picture" before bed to help calm him. When Patrick was tucking him in he said "I am a little bit scared about tomorrow, but I am a lot happy". Watch out...the class of 2028 has arrived.
It cracked me up that I have a kindergartener wearing 3T pjs...he just can't let them go.

Ready for a great day!

It was daddy's first day of school too!

Wip insisted that I take a picture of his school before we pulled away...not the best picture, but I thought it was so cute how proud he was of his new school.

Thumbs up to a great first day of K

Frozen and Friends

Thursday, August 14, 2014

So happy together...
I will protect you Sleeping Beauty (with my mighty stick)

Mommy, is this coffee? (it was lemonade)

Snow White and Sleeping Beauty in Winter Park!
The other night I asked Wip if he knew who was coming to visit this weekend (the answer should have been Grams and Poppy). "SMALL CAROLINE?!" he responded. Silly boy, she just visited last weekend. He was obviously still on a high about it. We had such a great time showing our friends the new town.

The added bonus was not understanding the rules of Disney and thinking we could just get into the character breakfast with only a reservation. Little did I know that in addition to making a reservation to the breakfast you also needed to purchase tickets into the park (I guess we would have been the only fools to attend a character breakfast and then leave the park). I went to guest service and fully disclosed my ignorance. The sweet young man noticed my 502 area code when filling out a form and asked if I was from Louisville. It turns out he used to live in St. Matthews as a young boy and has the best memories of my old Kentucky home. As I handed him my debit card with knots in my stomach as to what the total would be, he handed me three passes and said "don't worry about it, have fun". We did.
I spy with my little eye...a Mickey waffle

It started with a reach...

Then Jake and Wip sang and danced around the entire restaurant. Click here to see some moves.

Sophia said "look in my eyes when I am talking to you". JK

I know it looks like CC is choking...but she is fine. Now, I cannot tell what D is doing behind her...mystery.

Then we saw Kristoff 

Even better than Kristoff was our friends that were IN the parade. We got this fancy pass to sit in the VIP section.

Here they come...

Elsa was so excited to see Wip

Unfortunately for Elsa, Wip had monsters to draw. Check out this sing along video and just watch how much Wip was into it.

Before the face paint (he was so excited)

After (he was now officially Buzz Lightyear...and proud of it).

Wip turned into a dragon...he kind of scared me all day when I looked at him.
I have heard from a few Disney aficionados that Hollywood Studios is the worst. I thought it was a great way to spend the day (yes, part of that is because it was free)!  The smile on Wip's face when he danced with Jake, the children belting out "Do You Want To Build A Snowman" at the sing along, and even at the end of our visit when the kind man asked if he could "touch up" the boys face painting all made for an exhausting but wonderful experience. I was cussing the big ears when I had to wait in line for one and a half hours to ride the Toy Story ride and Duncan fell asleep (heavy) and Wip fell off the metal bars landing right on his private parts (ouch). When we got to the actual ride (that maybe lasted 8 minutes) I was over the place, but then I got to see how excited the boys became when they saw all of their favorites (Woody, Buzz, Bullseye, etc.). So, you might be asking, does this mean the Mulloy family will be getting a season pass?  As Olaf would say "nope".

Yee Haw!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Wip is into mapping out our days. He gets his markers and draws a picture of each activity we will be doing for the day.

Yesterday went like this:
  • Watch Brave (with horses Angus and Maximus by their side)
  • Get dressed
  • Brush teeth
  • Pack a lunch
  • Go to Green Meadows Farm
  • Eat dinner
  • Take bath
  • Brush teeth
  • Read two books
  • Go to bed
The farm was a blast. We were there ALL day. There was so much to do. Feed animals, pick up animals, ride horses, ride trains, play on the playground, go on a hayride, milk a cow, etc.
Wip acting like the pig behind him

I packed some sides and stopped for chicken

D was a fan of the chicken, Wip did not like that it had bones in it (this is what I get for starting with chicken nuggets)

D loved the tractor

He was a little reluctant to give his big brother a turn

Wip could not have been more in his element

Hayride selfie

D was all about the horse ride

Nice and easy

I was more concerned with the picture than helping the man get my child off the horse...he was not amused. 

Old pro

This poor cow had children putting hay in her face while other children were pulling on her udders 

My child was one of them

We probably used the entire bottle of hand sanitizer 

Until next time...

Oh No He Didn't

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The perfect height for a 5 year old.
Wip and I were getting ready to ride bikes up to the pool. I was carrying his bike down the stairs and he was trailing behind me. All of a sudden the fire alarm went off. When I type the fire alarm went off, I don't mean just a weak little "I smoked up the house trying to grill my chicken". I mean the fire alarm for the entire building went off...and it was loud. A neighbor came out of her apartment confused, I looked at her and threw my arms up also looking confused because I really did not know what happened. As Wip made his way down the stairs, I could see it in his face, he pulled the alarm. When asked he immediately fessed up.

Of course we could have yelled and screamed at him, but watching all of the neighbors come out of their apartments and watching him burry his head in his hands. Yelling and screaming was not necessary, he knew he did something wrong.

It ended up being the perfect set for a scene in a sitcom. The old lady that usually gives us a scowl look when we walk by was consoling Wip and letting him know that it would be ok. The young, hot college girls that just moved in were conversing with the dad and his kids. People were introducing themselves and did not seem at all pissed that they had just been uprooted from their homes thanks to a 5 year old little boy with a lot of curiosity.

When the fire truck arrived {sirens blaring} a Uncle Scotty type firefighter got out of the truck {are all firefighters kind and sincere?}. He {thankfully} had a 5 year old and knew how to talk to Wip. After educating him on the dangers of pulling the alarm he gave him a tour of the firetruck.

The next day when Wip walked past the alarm that he had pulled he said "Mommy, do you want to know why I pulled the fire alarm?". He continued "because I did not know what it was for". Fair enough. So let this be a lesson when you move into an apartment complex that has fire alarms ALL over the place at a child's reach...explain that it is not something you pull:)
Pretty much impossible to stay mad at that face