Girls, Girls, Girls

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

One of my favorite stories is how I became friends with Linsday (the other girl in the crazy plaid). It all started my freshman year in high school with the fact that I was taking German because all of the cute soccer players were in the class (pathetic, right?). She was dating one of those cute soccer players (former NFL player David Akers) who was in my German class (the German teacher was the boys varsity coach). Are you still with me? Anyhoo, I went to the bathroom and she happened to be trying to get David's attention to give him a note (do you think kids even pass notes anymore?). We started chatting and laughing about the situation and the rest is really history...and I mean a lot. of. history. Ann and Kristen (the other hotties in the picture) basically came into my life because of Lindsay and I could not be more thankful. We each have had our ups and downs, we each have beautiful children, and we each have a deep and loyal love for each other that I hold so dear to my heart.

we went to the Winter Park Farmers Market

drinks at the Alfond Inn

this is my crew

we stayed in our PJs and learned that Ann sleeps in a tennis skirt
(much easier to take her son to the bus stop in the morning:)
These girlfriends have been with me since I was 14 years old. They came to visit me a few weekends ago and it was just the therapy that I needed. We grilled burgers, drank some wine, and honestly did not shut up the entire time. There is just something about girlfriends. Especially girlfriends that have seen you at your worst and your best. These three....they make it easy. I think our friendship has survived over the years because we do not hold any judgement, we are able to laugh (a lot), and we really love each other. Like really.

I will save the sappy talk, but the bottom line is that I could not have asked for a better weekend with dear friends that I hold so close to my heart.

Theory of Everything

Friday, September 18, 2015

The other night we watched "Theory of Everything". Good movie. The strength and perseverance that Stephen Hawking shows (aka the amazing acting of Eddie Raymayne) is inspiring. Just like every movie that is trying to depict a real life situation, you need to take it all with a grain of salt. What touched me the most was at the end of the movie when Stephen turns to Jane (his ex-wife) while watching their children play in a courtyard and says "look at what we made".

This statement really stayed with me. Do you get any more powerful than looking at your child and thinking "I created you"? It really created a perspective for me. I have often thought about that statement when I have felt frustrated, angry, or even happy because of something that they do or say. "Look at what we made" is so powerful and has really allowed me to understand the pure joy that my children bring me. So do they drive me crazy...of course, but is there also not a day that goes by that both of them bring me a smile or some sort of joy that cannot be described by anyone or anything else...absolutely.

So, basically I love being a mom to both Wip and Duncan. I love what they bring to my life and I love all of the blood, sweat, and tears that I am putting into their life. "Look what we made"...I can honestly say it is my most amazing accomplishment (and they are only 6 and 4!). Lucky me.

A Year Later...

Saturday, September 5, 2015

The clouds in Florida are amazing. AMAZING.
It is hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that we have been in Florida for a year. As far as Central Flordia is concerned we are veterans. This is a very transplant place and nobody is really from here. This has made it both easy and difficult to really find some roots and start to grow. On one hand most people "know where we are coming from" and on the other I have no idea how long they will be here to really establish a relationship.

So fast forward a year and I have a new job (at Trinity Prep:) a new house (that I love) and lots of adventures on the horizon. I miss family and friends in Kentucky, but I have this little family unit that I am treasuring. Treasuring every moment of these weekend trips to the beach, busy weeks of birthday parties and meetings, and most of all these afternoons with my boys.
One of many birthday parties that Wip had on his calendar. I love the new friends he has made.
We went to a 40th birthday party for a new friend and I forgot to tell Patrick that it was cocktail attire...when we showed up (IN FLORIDA) and everyone was wearing suits and Patrick was in was a bit obvious. We still had a hellava time:)
I sat down with Wip to make some goals and this it what we came up with for his year. #squadgoals

Wip keeps losing teeth!  

I had just finished a DVD work out and Duncan woke up and told me that "my game was over". 
We went to Dyson's 6th birthday party last weekend...the boys had a blast!
Wip caught a tiny lizard, named it "jar jar binks" and put him in this bug catcher. Every night he would grab
 arugula out of the fridge and put it in the cage along with fresh water. On Friday, Wip came to me with the lizard and asked if he was still alive, sadly I had to tell him that "jar jar binks" was not alive. He took it surprisingly well.
Our main space
Welcome to our home (stop by anytime:)

Birthday cards from friends

Beach trips

More to come...

Summer Sayings

Sunday, August 9, 2015

As summer comes to a close I would be remiss not to share a few of the summer sayings that have come out of Wip and Duncan's mouths. You know when you share something about your child the other person says "you should write that down". Well, this is my "write it down" platform. Enjoy!

Wip can sometimes be a little "wild". The funny thing is that you can watch him spiral into that "wild" place and when he gets to that place, he knows it. Sometimes it takes just giving him a little squeeze, sometimes it takes a forceful voice, and sometimes we even do yoga. One of my neighbors invited me to an "essential oil" party and I ordered one of the oils that I was told would bring about calmness and serenity. While we were on vacation, I was trying to get the boys ready for bed and Wip was in one of his "wild" moods. The lightbulb went off and I thought this would be the perfect time to try my new fancy oil for him to inhale and be calm. I asked Wip if he wanted to smell the oil and he looked at me straight faced and said "oh mom, namaste". Well played son, well played.

While we were on the beach at the Isle of Palm the boys got really into playing in the ocean. It was the first time that we really spent a lot of time at the beach. From sand to the water we were out there for hours. At one point during the day, I looked up and what I thought was Duncan was a little too far out for my comfort. I started my crazy mom screaming. "DUNCAN! DUNCAN! DUNCAN!" along with my arms flying for him to come closer. In my panic state I looked down and Duncan was standing next to me and simply said "mom, you got the wrong kid...that is Wip". Got it.

Duncan has a friend at school named Sabasitain, but they call him Bass (pretty cute, huh?). Bass's mother is a pretty lady. She has blonde hair, is fit as a fiddle, and let's just say is well rounded. While we were in Sea Island Patrick was taking Duncan down to the pool when he spotted a lady in a bikini that looked similar to Bass's mom. One look at the lady in the pool and Duncan looked up at his daddy and said "that looks like Bass's mom, except for the face". Classic.

2015 Isle of Palm

Saturday, August 8, 2015

It feels a little deja vu (and spoiled) to be typing another post about another beach trip. I know how blessed I am to have a loving family...the hard part is being so far away!  That is why I am so thankful that we got to spend time together in the Isle of Palm this year. Check it out...
We have officially nicknamed Duncan R2D2 (not that I know anything about Star Wars) but according to Wip he is SO slow
The love between these two is just the best.
My attempt to get all four (or even just one) to look at me was a complete fail.

Bummed because it was not a cone

This kid could spend hours entertaining himself
Lovely dinner and then another attempt to have everyone look at the camera:)
Grams and Wip well as another young lady photobombing!

Duncan messing with Hunter...always!
I will always treasure the giggles that came from these little boys...
Until next time! 

2015 Sea Island

Monday, July 27, 2015

This picture pretty much captures our time in Sea Island this summer. Happy. Here is a little photo timeline to prove my point...
We escaped for a weekend with the Avett Brothers at the Southern Grown festival
It was beautiful night

Father and Son (and some people taking a nap)

I got to hang with a new friend (that I adore!)

No longer a kid free trip...this time we took the boys but stopped in St. Augustine at a gourmet popsicle shop...YUM!
Reach for the sky
Zoned out with his Lego instruction book (never leaves home without it)
Duncan meeting his horse
The boys had a blast horseback riding...Wip would say "it is so hot...but I LOVE IT, there are so many flys...but IT IS SO MUCH FUN" {cracking me up}

so happy together


Well that was fun.
William finally arrived and the party officially started. The boys just bossed him around like crazy..."William eat this, come in the playroom, do this, do that" He was such a good sport.
Then there was this little precious bundle of sweetness

The boys watching Pete's Dragon (terrible and loooooong)
I want to hold your hand~Beetles

Now I am going to hug you 
Now I am going to hold you
Silly girl

We took the boys to get a little FRYO...delicious
Might be my most favorite picture of the entire week...LOVE.
Dancing to a little shake it off

Francie is like "oh we go again".
Snow Cones with new friends
Sharing is caring
Game room fun
This was D walking home from the beach little sloth
Let the 4th fun begin! 
Ready to see some floats
On the lookout for candy!

Little lady bug 
it was a little warm
Time for a dip!
Ocean Forrest for a REALLY good time
I'm gonna get you 
Oh yeah, and SNOW! 

Then the rain came

But the silliness stayed
Then it stopped raining
Back to the snow

The boys first fireworks!
Back again
I love how Duncan is looking up to Wip

Whoa have a big hand.

Until next time