Well That Was Cool...

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The boys met the big guy while in elf pjs (it was random...I PROMISE)

Wip made breakfast for the first time and was so proud of himself

We found the "country" version of Florida

I don't know if this is cool...but he sure is cute

My FIL had lunch with the president. Now that is pretty cool. Don't they look like they are BFF?

Wip went roller skating for the first time..how sweet is his friend Avery?

Star Wars lego creation

Scooby Doo lego creation

Mimi with her boys

I had a girls night in with some friends over looking Lake Osceola

D is cracking me up with the football

I can't stop giggling from the meme from The Skimm. It might be the first thing I look at in the morning just to start my day off with a smile.

The Gruffalo

Monday, November 16, 2015

This is the tale of the Gruffalo.

I am not really sure how many times I have heard that uttered from Wip over the past few months, but let's just say it has been a lot. Wip was in a play last week called The Gruffalo and when he started talking about the play {in August} he mentioned that there were going to be lots of animals in the show. I went to bed that night saying a little prayer that he would be cast as an animal. Goodness, gracious if anyone knows my child he should be a snake, or a mouse, or an owl...right? Wrong. Wip came home beaming when he got his role. He was a log. Picture that scene in Love Actually (a lobster? there was more than one lobster present at the birth of Jesus?). Well, that was me. A log? Then Wip this told me this..." it is okay that I am a log and not an animal...I get to protect the animals!".

He even made D create a book about The Gruffalo
Fast forward months later. He has come home singing every song in the play, drawing picture books, acting out the scenes...this kid was ready to perform. About a week before he started getting in countdown mode. Not only for the play but also because his Mimi was coming in town. It was the cutest thing on Thursday morning when he looked up from the breakfast table and said "today is the day that Mimi arrives!".
Wip got the cover shot of the program!  All of that practice paid off:)

I don't even need to tell you that he was a total rock star in the play (just click here and here for proof). He nailed it. He was mouthing every line of the narrator and most importantly he was having fun. It was a little bit sad when it was all said and done because there was so much happiness and excitement leading up to it. This was just another glimpse into what I have a feeling will be one of many productions that Wip will be a part of...and I can't wait to see him shine!

Halloween is FINALLY Over

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Let's rock this Halloween

The month always starts with the thrill of picking out costumes, checking out decorations, and planning activities. The month typically ends with exhaustion, rotten pumpkins, and too much candy. Don't get me wrong...I really enjoy the month of October, but it is just A LOT. Our second Halloween in Florida was no exception. We started with making a haunted gingerbread house, visited with great friends, went to Sea Island, rocked it at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, cheered Trinity at a victorious Homecoming game, set up a Dunkin Donuts trunk at the All Saints fall festival, and had our first trick or treating experience in our new neighborhood (picture Hillcrest times 100). It was a good month. 

Haunted House (gingerbread style)

Weekend away at Sea Island does the body good

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party 

Duncan's first trophy (hangs out next to his bed)

Trinity Homecoming

Wip wanted a wolf for his pumpkin decor

Dunkin' Trunk...it was a hit!

Black Cat and Hiccup/Leo Ninja turtle

Dylan's birthday party face paint
Halloween night Dommerich style


Two Truths and a Lie

Monday, November 2, 2015

Chatting with the Wip about his day can go like this...

Me: How was your day?
Wip: Goooooood
Me: What made you happy today?
Me: What made you sad?
Me: What was your favorite class?

Well, you get the picture. I truly believe that the kid loves school and everything about it. I also truly believe that he will get out of talking about details with me by saying that he loves everything and everybody.

The other day I was listening to Slate's parenting podcast Mom and Dad are Fighting  and took one of the best tips ever from the episode about talking to Wip about his day. Ask him to tell you two things that are true and one thing that is a lie and then you have to guess which one is the lie. When I introduced this, I was skeptical. Not anymore...he LOVES it!  When we get in the car he will beg to play it. Some examples might be "I went into a bat cave, I had pizza for lunch, and Avery was wearing a pink shirt". I packed his lunch and he loves Avery so I thought for sure the lie was the bat cave, but then I found out that they set up a bat cave at school and Avery was wearing a purple shirt:)

Duncan tries to play too. He is terrible. But he is learning.

All of the stories you hear about your kids shutting down and not sharing with you when they get older...I think I am going to cherish two truths and a lie for as long as I can!

Boy Mom Pride

Friday, October 30, 2015

Lately, I have been having HUGE moments of boy mom pride. I am sure I would have these same moments if I had two girls or a boy and a girl but for whatever reason things keep happening that make my heart swell with the thought of having these two hilarious, sweet, and precious boys.

Last week I witnessed my first TPS Powderpuff dance off between the senior and junior boys. Take a little 30 second peek here. As I watched these boys strut their stuff I could not help but smile from ear to ear because not only was everyone cheering but these boys were having SOOOOO much fun. It seriously made my day. As I was watching these teenagers, I was secretly thinking "I can't wait for my boys to be out there someday!".

If you are not following the Falling Creek Instagram account, you should. Every picture brings out the happiness and joy that comes along with being a little boy. When we received our copy of the beautiful publication that Falling Creek produces my heart swelled when I flipped the page to this perfect moment...
2015 Father/Son Weekend

We had Duncan's parent/teacher conference this week. It went well and he is doing great in school. As we were wrapping up and talking about his friends the teacher paused and said "Duncan talks about his brother Wip all of the time...he really looks up to him". Well, if that doesn't just melt your heart then I have another story for you...
Wip's school picture
Duncan had his first flag football practice today. We arrived at the field a little early and noticed a little boy in a green Park Maitland shirt hanging out near the practice field. Wip was not with us and I was surprised when the little boy ran up to us and said "are you Wip's brother, Duncan?". The little boy happened to be in Wip's class. I asked if he had ever met/or seen Duncan he replied, "no, he just told me what he looked like so I knew it was him". I mean seriously. A complete stranger knows who his friends little brother is because he talks about him...I think that kid is pretty smart and I also think I have the best two little boys that a mama could ever dream for...hilarous, sweet, precious boys.
Duncan's first practice and he LOVED it. 

The Perfect Saturday

Thursday, October 29, 2015

He cheered "lets go Wip, lets go Daddy" about 100 times in the 8 minute car ride

I had a pass to hang out with Duncan for Wip's tee ball game. We still have about 3 games left and Patrick said there was no reason for us to head up to the game. After Wip and Patrick left Duncan looked at me and said "where did they go?". I explained that they went to Wip's tee ball game and Duncan exclaimed "we need to go and cheer them on!". Of course we did, who needs a morning of reading the paper and sipping coffee? We rushed to brush our teeth and get dressed and head out to the game. The entire way, Duncan was practicing his cheers for Wip with his "megaphone" he also looked at me and said "mommy, if we are all at the game we will be able to be there as a family". That kid. Just like him to put it into perspective for me. He is a character. 

After the game we got home and when I asked the boys if they would like to watch "Inside Out" (this was of course so I could get some cleaning done)...Wip exclaimed "mommy, will you please snuggle with me while we watch the movie". Jees!  This was turning out to be the most perfect Saturday in which I got nothing accomplished:)

The movie time was perfect. Perfect. I love that movie so much and the boys know there are some parts that I find a little tear jerking. Each time one of those parts would come on they would look at me and say "don't cry mommy!". 

Patrick brought home lunch from Swine and Sons (amazing) and after lunch it was time for a dip. It was a BEAUTIFUL day. I bought a donut float for the upcoming Trunk or Treat that we are hosting and the boys took full advantage of the new toy in the pool. After about an hour in the pool I bribed them with another movie (this time Aladdin). Patrick came home from his haircut and gave me the rest of the afternoon to go to the gym and run errands. 

Time with the boys. Time with my husband. Time for myself. This truly equals the perfect Saturday!

Duncan pointed out that the bird poop on my car looked like a flamingo head

Of course I will snuggle with you...the laundry can wait!

Perfect movie

Little donut float play time before the next movie:)