This Parenting Thing Is Tough

Monday, February 8, 2016

Last night I was cleaning up while the boys were finishing up dinner. Duncan got up with a spaghetti noodle in his hand and proceeded to sneak up to Wip and stick the noodle in his eye. I lost it. We had talked all weekend about being kind and that is what he does? I yelled. I felt my face getting warm. I put him to bed with no books.

The other day Wip got the "I did not get my way pouty face". I can't even remember what he wanted. That is how important it must have been. The problem is that when he gets in that mode he starts what we call "silly talk". Silly talk goes something like "I want to be in trouble forever" or "I don't want any toys ever again". You have no idea how much this drives me crazy. Sometimes I snap. I fall for the trap. I started talking silly talk right back..."oh yeah, well I am going to throw all of your toys away". Real mature, mom, real mature.

I know that neither one of those situations are THAT bad, but these situations tested me. I have no idea what I am doing in this parenting thing and sometimes it is really tough to try and figure out. I do know that we have good days and bad days. And way more good than bad. I might not handle every teachable moment in the way that it should be handled...but I will try and I will be persistent. It is funny as I type this and think about how the boys react when I go nuts versus when I talk to them in a normal tone with more of the "disappointment" angle. They respond so much better to the calm/normal talk versus the crazy talk. Gees, they must be human...ha!

Today, we went to the allergist for Wip's allergy shot. I have told the boys time and time again to not rush through the lobby and if they see someone trying to enter or leave to hold the door open for them. A few weeks ago they almost ran over an elderly lady in a walker trying to walk through the door (again, it was not one of my finest parenting moments as I flipped out on them in the elevator). But we have talked about it and worked at it and talked about it some more. This afternoon when Wip opened the door and noticed a lady was walking to exit, he stayed put with the door open for her. He was smiling, she was smiling, I was smiling. I think all of the smiles and happy feeling will stick and I am hopeful that will not be the last time he opens the door for someone.

What Brightens Your Day?

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

 What brightens your day? With all of this gloomy weather lately (I know, I know, I should not complain about 37 degrees) it has made me reflect and seek a little sunshine in my everyday.

Here are a few things that bring happiness in my everyday:

If you ever need a pick me up, I guarantee flowers can bring a smile to your day. I love putting together a bouquet to enjoy for the week and even putting together a bouquet to brighten someone else's day. Need a little inspiration for your bouquet making (or giving)? Head over to BloomNation. BloomNation partners with local florists to provide an easy and reliable way to give (or get) the perfect arrangement (no matter what your style might be). No brainer.

The other night I overheard Patrick talking to a friend. You could tell they had not talked in a while and it was a back and forth of catching up (not that I was trying to eavesdrop, but my husband does have a boisterous voice:). I took away something from his conversation that just brightens my day no matter how gloomy it might be. He said, "I know I am in a good place and everything is going well because I am so excited to get home to Mandy and the boys each night". Sure he tells me and the boys how much he loves us daily, but hearing him express it to someone just brightened my day (and continues to so every time I think about it).

It breaks my heart (daily) to think about John Michael Night and his family. John Michael is a senior at Trinity and suffered a brain stem stroke leaving him with locked in syndrome. More about his story can be found here. As a parent you just can't imagine what this family is going through. So why in the world would this make my list for brightening up my day? Community. I have never seen anything like the love and hope and prayers that have come from our Trinity community in support of John Michael. From fundraisers to purple ribbons (stroke awareness) it brightens my day to be a part of a community that comes together for this young man and his family.

See Ya Later 2015

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Hollywood?  Nahhh just the last night of Billy Bingo at the Cloister

We got to take in a lot of time with this little cutie (the baby not the dude)

F is for Francie

She tried so hard to learn about the Star Wars hype

Then she turned ONE!

William took his first selfie

Mimi set up the cutest party with a "make your own stuffed animal" station for the kiddos

Duncan could not keep his hands off his girl...she was a little over it

Silly D

Happy Birthday to you sweet girl

Wip working hard on his t-shirt for his stuffed dolphin 

You had to make a wish before you put the star in your animal...he was wishing hard

Wip made "Pink Girl" for Francie

This picture needs no words

Clobber time

Hey Girl Hey

The Francie's

I think she was seriously over him...

Happy Birthday Baby Francie!

Climbin' Trees

Playing B-I-N-G-O with Granddaddy

D (kinda) got it

Worn out from bingo

Ready for Camp Cloister!

Duncan getting frustrated at tennis

William had about 5 brain freezes

Got to celebrate the end of 2015 with these lovely ladies

and these handsome dudes

The Gang!

Favorite pic of the night

I love this girl

The real deal

Heeeeeey - o

Ready, set, go

See ya later 2015!!!

Kindness Always Wins

Friday, January 8, 2016

Taking a little break after a strong game of tag

I know I need to catch up with a holiday and new year post, but Wip brought home something in his backpack the other day that I think trumps and I need to get it out there.

I have this little boy who is encouraging and sweet and loving and most important...kind.

I was going through Wip's backpack and discovered a note. It is not unusual to get a note home, typically from one of his teachers. This note was from the Head of School. The big dog. I read the note. Then I read it again. Then I just smiled (even though she spelled his last name wrong).

When I asked Wip what he did to have Ms. Moon write this kind of note he simply said "I was at recess and there was a little boy on the playground who did not have anyone to play with, so I played with him".

So much about this made my heart happy. Wip was so nonchalant when I was jumping up and down about the note. He was basically like "it was no big deal". He is right, it should not be a big deal to be kind. But in this crazy and sometimes cruel world, it was nice to be reminded that kindness does win.

That night he begged me to make an art video. He is so into his art lately. He wanted to show people how to make a bat. I am sure you will not have time for the full 8 minutes, but skim to the end and catch what he says about doing art. I love him so much.

Pinch Me

Friday, December 25, 2015

We had to start some new traditions this year. While I missed friends, family, and was a little sad that our church did not do the candlelight service with Silent Night (always a tear jerker) it has been a pretty spectacular Christmas. Honestly, the pure joy and happiness of watching Christmas unfold through the eyes of a six year old might just be the best thing ever. Wip was excited about EVERYTHING. Toys, lights, advent calendar, Ernie the Elf, trees, cards, etc. Sometimes throughout the month, I would just want someone to pinch me to make sure that this was real. Thankfully, it was.

All Saints School put on a chaotic (but precious) pageant

Duncan was a king (wiseman)

Duncan, Owen, and Bass...buds

After the performance, Wip made this picture for Duncan to show how proud he was 

This little elf was pumped about his pj day at school

Wip was determined to dress up as Frosty

We hosted our first party and it was a hit! 

I was trying to say "look people showed up" with my thumb, but Susan was saying "good times" with her thumb:)

Ernie was so much fun to have around...we will miss you little elf

Duncan wrapped up his football season by scoring a touchdown in the last game

Wip wanted to have friends over to decorate gingerbread we did!

We thought it would be fun to spend the night at one of the GINORMOUS resort hotels and experience a little Florida Christmas

We went to the ICE! exhibit. The advertisement kept making it seem like it was a show. It was not. It was a $30 ticket to walk around ice sculptures for about 7 minutes before you were so cold you could not stand it. You also had to wear rented jackets (gross). Live and learn:) 

what the heck

Pretty cool

Selfies with this silly

Complimentary photo from Gaylord (ha!)

Hotel pool time!

Complete with a showing of Jingle All The Way 

Tuckered out

After our hotel stay we went to breakfast at IHOP...we have a feeling this will not be the last time Duncan finds himself in a IHOP talking about the night before:) 

Christmas Eve at Sea World

Face paint or a snack

Duncan went for the snack

This Christmas has been all about the legos...I was so impressed when Wip put this together on his own

Felt so much love from family and friends near and far

Opened this on Christmas Eve...he was pleased

So was he

Christmas morning...these boys are so blessed

Both boys had to take breaks before opening all of the presents

Wip played zoo in his room for about two hours...this kid loves his animals

So there you have it. Our holiday season has been filled with so much love and happiness. I have no idea what I did to deserve this little family of mine, but every once in a while I do give myself a little pinch..just to make sure.